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Showcase Interview: Solidmind

"Rising DJs From Abroad" Showcase 09/09/2021

Ladies and gentleman,

boys and girls,

children of all ages,

today we welcome Solidmind - Munich’s own DJ & producer who was playing recently on our "Rising DJs From Abroad" Showcase.

My name is Martin aka Schulzendorf and I am very happy to share with you some secrets about our DJs.

"The best tracks are made by recycling."

Schulzendorf: For most artists, originality is first preceded by a phase of learning and often emulating others. How would you describe your own development as an artist and the transition towards your own style?

Solidmind: It takes a lot of time to develop own styles. Often you want to copy a track or take a certain sample from some one else and then you can make something completly new!

The best tracks are made by recycling.

"Develop your own sound and don't play the same tracks as everyone else."

Schulzendorf: What is one mistake you see a lot of up and coming DJs making? Which kind of an advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

Solidmind: Develop your own sound and don't play the same tracks as everyone else. Can't see another dude / girl intimating some famous dj.

Schulzendorf: What were your „biggest up“ and „lowest down“ during a set?

Solidmind: "Lowest low" was probably when the police came one time - haha.

"Biggest up" was when playing first time in Harry Klein in front of 100 people. It's just great to play in front of so many people.

"Planning is everything also when djing."

Schulzendorf: Would you say you see DJing as improvisation? As composition in the moment? Or is it more like a well planned workflow.

Solidmind: Planning is everything also when djing.

Many people out there say improvising is better but for me a set needs a certain story or direction.

Schulzendorf: How does playing music at home and presenting it in the club compare and relate?

Solidmind: Playing the track in the car for example, I always know this will work in a club.

It really depends on the sound system if a track works good in a club.

Schulzendorf: Do you have a vision for you as a DJ?

Solidmind: Currently with covid the vision for many djs was wipped away. But maybe times will be better in the future to start something new. Hoping to see clubs open up again everywhere soon.

Thank you very much Solidmind for your time, good luck with your productions and happy DJing!


Starting back in 2013 with Deep House, the pathway to Organic House and Melodic Techno was very long but also an influential journey for Solidmind's recognition of modern sound engineering. By decomposing different Subgenres, he finally gained his own interpretation of what real emotional, electronic music for the dancefloor has to sound like.

He started his own Label "Elysion" in 2020 which already started off well and received huge support by Spotify's "Organica" and well-known Youtube channels, making him familiar in connoisseur circles. His Sets and latest Tracks are premiered by big Souncloud Channels like TRNDMSK, Deep Stories, Katerhaifisch and more. If you haven't heard this Tracks already be sure to check them out!

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