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What The Heck?

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Zurich Indipendent Electronic Music Online Radio

"What The Heck" born from an idea of "Luke DM" Artist of the elctronic underground music scene of Zurich, Switzerland.

"What The Heck" is not only an Event or an Independent Web Radio, is also a Team of Zurich residents DJ's that offer a weekly live stream Showcase to expose National and International DJ'S and expose underground electronic music.

It's a ShowCase Label for emerging artists supported by a team of Zurich based residents DJ's

Every Thursday We offer to showcase a different artist to express himself, we personally create and take care of the playlists on air 24/H our webradio.

We believe Electronic music it's an important cultural heritage of our lives.

Join our events online or offline, listen to our podcasts or watch Dj's in action during the live stream perfonace.

Luke DM

Electronic Music is our Religion

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